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Welcome to the home of Biologix NZ, we provide education, advice, products, services, and solutions, including soil and leaf analysis, all aimed at improving the productivity, profitability and sustainability of your agricultural or horticultural enterprise. 

Biologix provides farmer and growers, with the tools they need to fire their soil system up. We combine proven results in the field, with the latest science, to create a true understanding of what drives plant health and productivity. Simply stated, we remove what’s harmful and only use what’s beneficial to the soil and plant systems.” In our team, we have many decades of experience with growing a huge range of crops. We can help with the production of any crop and in any soil type or growing system. We offer soil and leaf analysis and agronomy reporting, that is the most comprehensive available in the world today. Often the cost of this service is no more than what you are already spending. Unlike a fertiliser salesman, our goal is to find you the most cost-effective solutions to improving plant health and productivity. Our goal is to design a program for you that reduces your inputs long term, yet improves your crop from the first year. The soil has an amazing ability to regenerate if you give it half a chance.

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